Wonderful Waterways 

Gateway to the Lakes

Lloydminster has been unofficially dubbed the “Gateway to the Lakes,” and for good reason. Surrounded by numerous lakes, including regional and provincial parks and campgrounds, you can drive in any direction and hit a body of water. Head north along Highway 17 and in 15 minutes you’ll be able to cool down at Sandy Beach Regional Park. Jaunt a bit further northeast and visit Makwa Lake, Brightsand Lake, and Turtle Lake.  If you’re south bound, you’ll discover Dillberry Lake, Macklin Lake, and Manitou Lake. On the Alberta side, you’ll find Arm Lake and Briker Lake. There are even more to explore in all directions! So grab a towel, pack a picnic, apply your sunscreen, and head out for a swim followed by a summer snooze on the beach.  With wonderful waterways in each direction, we’ve got you summer splashin’ all season long.  

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