Winter Wonderland

Snow angles, hockey sticks and snow

Grab the toboggan and some warm gear because winter weather doesn’t slow Lloydminster down! As the frost appears and the city is blanketed with snow, grab a loved one and head out to Bud Miller to explore. The scenic cross-country ski trails are a highlight and are always well-groomed, as are the walking paths for those wanting to enjoy a stroll in a winter wonderland. Of course, the human-made lake within the park is the hub for all things hockey and skating related. You’ll often find locals and visitors alike lacing up their skates for a quick rip around the lake. Bring a hockey stick with you and you just might end up in a pickup game yourself! 

No matter the weather, keep your eyes and ears open as you might spot a little fox, deer, or rabbit run past you. This space is home to many creatures, so be sure to show your respect and keep a safe distance. 

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