Upcyclers, Rejoice! 

Thriving Thrift Store Scene 

If you love the thrill of finding an item that has that certain je ne sais quoi, Lloydminster’s thrift stores are the perfect scene for your story. Nestled comfortably in the downtown core are two shops chock-full of delights. First, head to For The Interval Home Thrift Store. You’ll find affordably priced clothing in all sizes, footwear, home décor items, books and magazines, household essentials, and unique furniture. They opened a second location in late 2021, so be sure to check out their social media pages to find out what’s new! Just around the block is The Olive Tree Thrift Store. The expansive space is filled with kitchenware (including utensils, serving dishes, cutlery, and small appliances), trinkets, photos and frames, apparel, jewellery, and a special vintage section certain to please! Both enterprises are largely volunteer-run and support local charities, so you’ll feel great knowing you scored a fantastic piece while helping your community.

For larger items, head north, and  swing into Reclaim. This site is a division of The Olive Tree and features used major appliances, mattresses, furniture, lawn and garden items, and interesting antiques. If you’re handy, this will fast become your second home as it features an expansive bay stuffed with doors, windows, tile, flooring, fans, frames, vanities, toilets, and everything but the kitchen sink. Actually, they have sinks too! Check out the listings section for contact information, so you can find out when their discount days are — you can really save! 

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