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Whether your family is big or small, the Border City’s got options sure to put a smile on their faces. Great pizza can be found at Firecrust. Diners can customize their crust with sauces and toppings of their choosing. In fact, over 350 possible combinations can be made between pizzas, salads, and sides. If your dinner party includes kids (and kids at heart!), you’ll want to check out their sensational epic milkshakes. Additional pizzerias include Red Swan Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Canadian Pizza, all of which offer dine-in options. For those who want dinner to go, take a look at TJ’s Pizza, Panago, Domino’s, Pizza 73, Little Caesar’s, and Papa John’s. If you prefer lighter fare, head west to Freshii, stay central and visit Extreme Pita, or try locally-owned and operated Tasty K’s. You’ll be greeted by the smell of fresh, in-house baked bread and buns, and the wafting scent of roasted donair meat. This small but mighty restaurant is a favourite amongst Border City residents, and for good reason.

Their freshly assembled donairs, sandwiches, wraps, and subs can be made with fresh veggies, hot donair meat, and delectable cold salad mixes (seafood, egg salad, and tuna), and finished with sensational sauces (sweet, garlic, dill, and more). For a full list of family-friendly restaurants, check the section at the end of this article.

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