A Special Part of the Family 

Pets and Companion Animals 

Whether they’re fluffy or furry (or somewhere in between), pets are an important part of many families. Luckily, in Lloydminster there are many stores that specialize in everything from grooming to training. If you’ve got a four-legged friend (big or small), head out for a visit to Pet Pad. This locally owned business is family run and employs passionate experts with a range of knowledge on many critters. PetSmart, Pet Planet, and Pet Valu are additional options for those shopping on the west side. 

Southside Veterinary Clinic, Weir Veterinary Services, and Lloydminster Animal Hospital are all locally owned and operated, with qualified, caring staff and a range of products and services. For contact information visit the listings at the end of this section so you can book your pet in for their annual checkup.  

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