Festival crowd walking in Downtown Lloydminster with Border Markers in view, festival tents and banners


Symbolic and Strong

Symbolic and strong, the towering orange border markers are a sight to behold. The largest in the world, these four installations pay homage to four pillars within our community: oil and gas, agriculture, the Barr Colonists, and the First Nation and Métis. When you get up close, you’ll notice a small gap between each steel marker. This gap is meant to symbolize the actual border, the Fourth Meridian. Their distinctive shape was designed to mimic the original stakes used when surveying the border lines distinguishing Alberta from Saskatchewan in 1905.  And yes, if you’re wondering, you CAN stand in two provinces at once! A thrill for tourists and locals alike, be sure to take the time for a picture or selfie for a social media post documenting your time in Canada’s beautiful Border City.

Included among the charms of being located on the border, the City of Lloydminster faces many unique challenges concerning government, commerce, and more. Interesting to note are the following examples of what it means to live and do business in Lloydminster:

  • All businesses, regardless of which province they’re operating in, offer goods and services exempt from Provincial Sales Tax. This is to ensure fair, competitive pricing regardless of where you operate, and what you sell.
  • Depending upon which province you reside in, you may be faced with unique options, pricing, and offerings on vehicle insurance and driver’s licenses.
  • The entire city operates on Mountain Standard Time  when Daylight Savings Time kicks in. This means regardless of which side of the border you live on, all citizens are on the same time. To avoid confusion, some smaller towns located within driving distance of Lloydminster have opted to follow suit.
  • RCMP have jurisdiction on both sides of the border, and they enforce provincial regulation to the letter.
  • Legal drinking age, permits, and violations vary depending upon which side of the border you’re on, so pay careful attention.
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