Oil and Gas

Stubborn Cows 

The tale of how oil was discovered in Lloydminster is a peculiar one. Imagine yourself as a farmer in 1919, checking your herd of cattle in the summer heat. You lead them to a watering hole so they can quench their thirst, but they refuse to drink. This is what happened to one local farmer. Confused by the stubborn cattle, the farmer inspected the water thoroughly himself. Farmer Charlie and his herd of stubborn cows discovered oil! Over the years, Lloydminster became a mecca of oil and gas in the west, and people from far and wide continue to move to Lloydminster to start a new career in the industry. From a booming economy for years, to a slowing one in recent times, Lloydminster is still home to the oil and gas industry, and the resilience of the professionals working in this sector is strong.

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