Natural Beauty

Any Season, Any Weather

Every time you visit Bud Miller All Season’s Park, you’ll be amazed by the charm and scenery. The entire park is well treed and while you stroll along the many walking trails, you’ll feel as though you’ve escaped the bustling city entirely. This popular park is a local favourite year-round, and it’s not hard to see why. Throughout the year, you can watch the park transform and grow, from spring’s new buds to summer’s luscious greens. As the weather warms, you’ll find people and animals alike exploring the many winding paths throughout the park. You may come across folks digging their hands into the fresh dirt as they tend to their vegetables in the community garden or hear the ‘umph’ of someone serving an ace on the tennis courts. These sights and sounds are all part of the magic of this memorable park.

The park often plays host to outdoor art classes such as stained-glass making or painting – there’s picturesque scenery all around! You’ll also find group fitness classes, including outdoor yoga, running clubs, or circuit training (not to mention the fun runs hosted by various charities and schools throughout the spring and summer). From spring into fall, watch for Canadian geese as you enjoy a stroll around the paths surrounding the lake. Keep your eyes peeled for the goslings in spring, and watch them grow through the seasons. Remember to give them space.  If you get too close, they may give chase!  

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