Sensational Sushi 

Grab Your Chopsticks and Enjoy     

A city located smack dab in the middle of the Prairies may not be your first thought when you think of fresh, delicious sushi, but the Border City is here to surprise and delight! Centrally located, both Sushi Wa and Sushi Sora offer in-house dining, takeout, and party platters for your next get together. These locally owned and operated restaurants feature a delectable selection of classic and unique rolls, cones, nori, favourite starters, and desserts. Head south and visit the brand new Bamboo Sushi restaurant, located next to 4th Meridian Brewery. Guests will enjoy a full menu including poke bowls, nigiri, sashimi, specialty rolls, and more. Of course, Soleilki Asian Fusion, Touch of Asia Buffet, and Edo Japan are popular restaurants with diverse menus including sushi and additional western and Asian fare. 

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