Fields of Yellow 

Farmers Support the Community 

When talking about strong roots in our community, look no further than local farmers. Generation after generation, these hard-working families provide essentials to the Lloydminster region and beyond and have been for over a century. As you cruise the countryside come mid-July, you’ll start to notice an array of colour. The dazzling prairie blue sky contrasts vividly against the yellow of the rapeseed and canola fields, making them popular backdrops for family photos. Keep an eye out for the beautiful blue hue of flax fields. Later in the fall, the golden wheat stalks show off their beauty. You’ll notice all types of livestock, speckling the hillsides and grazing in the pastures, including anything from bison to cattle. As you get closer to individual homesteads, you may see small animals such as goats, pigs, and alpacas. Lloydminster is rife with family farm operations whose origins date back over 100 years — one of the border markers wasn’t named after agriculture for nothing! 

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