Hands-On Experiences

Sometimes, you need to return to your childhood roots. Pen, pencil, paint, chalk, and more are the tools of choice, with imagination to fuel your creativity. If you’re seeking a hands-on experience to enjoy solo, or with friends, you’re in luck! Lloydminster is brimming with options for all ages.

If you like to paint, may we recommend a trip to Art Soul Life Creative Studio? This locally-owned boutique offers canvas, pottery, and giftable items you can select, then paint to your liking. They’re lovingly glazed and finished, then available for pick-up a short while later. With a space designed to suit one, a few, or many, Art Soul Life is a wonderful option for those seeking to scratch their creative itch. Did you know they recently added a division to their business where guests can create their own stuffed toy? Create a Friend allows participants to choose a toy, then stuff it, dress it, and even add scents or sounds to it!

Lovers of fabric, felt, thread, and yarn will delight in the classes hosted in the Border City specifically designed to get their fingers moving! We recommend connecting with Country Quilts and Stitches, the Lloydminster Log Cabin Quilter’s Guild, Sew in Tune, and Fabricland. Each offers a range of classes (from beginner to advanced) and special programs and events certain to delight anyone whose chosen creative expression comes through textiles. For those who enjoy working with their hands (think: brush lettering, jewellery making, and pottery) be sure to explore the many options offered through the Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre. This site hosts special programs and evening or weekend classes for a range of skill levels. Contact them directly to learn what’s new.

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