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Health and Wellness

Now that you are comfortable in the community, it’s time to take care of your health and wellness! If you’re looking for a family doctor, optometrist, dentist, specialist, acupuncturist, registered massage therapist, or chiropractor, we’ve got you covered. Check the listings section for contact information for various providers of these critical services. 

The Lloydminster Hospital serves the city of Lloydminster and surrounding region. It provides a 24-hour emergency room, day surgery, diagnostic services, a maternity ward, chemotherapy, and more. Lloydminster is also home to a number of walk-in clinics for non-emergency medical needs. 

Don’t forget about the importance of your mental health and wellness. To find the latest information on mental health counselling, therapy services, and addiction recovery tools and resources, visit LloydminsterMentalHealth.ca. This community resource can help you understand the mental health journey, how to enhance your own, and how to help and support a loved one on theirs. 

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