Tall and Strong

Lloydminster’s Border Markers

Without a doubt, Lloydminster’s most recognized landmarks are the four orange border markers located at the intersection of Highway 16 (Trans-Canada Highway) and Highway 17. Erected in 1994, the tall, towering, and tremendous monuments symbolize four pillars within the region.

First, oil and gas, which continues to be an economic driver for Lloydminster and area residents. Second, agriculture, another keystone of the local economy. Third, the Barr Colonists. This group of settlers are credited with establishing Lloydminster over 100 years ago. Finally, the fourth border marker symbolizes the Métis and First Nations of the region.

Take a moment to get up close and personal with the border markers; you’ll be glad you did! You’ll notice a gap between the installations; this is intentional. Each structure is meant to mimic the original stakes used when the boundary lines for the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were established.

While you’re on site, you simply must stand in two provinces at once. Yes, you read that right. Tourists and locals alike delight in the pleasure of placing one foot in Saskatchewan, and one foot in Alberta. Be sure to use the official hashtag #DiscoverLloydminster for a chance to be featured on Discover Lloydminster’s social media channels.

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